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So glad you are here!

"Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life."~Pablo Picasso
This statement from Picasso sums up what photography does for me.  Often in my day-to-day life, I forget about the beautiful things of this world.  But, in pausing to photograph a glorious sunset or capture a water reflection, I stop long enough to "dust" my soul of the everyday life and absorb the peace and serenity which surrounds me.
In my photographic art, you will find an underlying theme of stillness - a quiet serenity - sprinkled with a hint of nostalgia.  I find a spiritual joy in capturing the color of nature's palette; its hues blended by natural light.  In an abandoned building, I revel in an imagined history and marvel at the bare essentials of its structure.  I delight in the creation of a still life that can evoke emotion.
It is my intent to offer images which "dust" the soul.  I can only hope that the peace and serenity I found while capturing these images will extend to others.

Hope you enjoy my photos!

Betty Northcutt